• Lower wind farm costs by 20%

    The total return on investment for your wind farm can be increased drastically by implementing a continuous follow-up of the integrity of the structures

  • WindTurbineDoctor®️ is compatible with

    and many others through communication protocols (OPC UA, OPC XML DA, ODBC, FTP) and the Zensor API

  • Challenges

    Are my foundations still ok?

    Continuously monitored

    Foundations are largely located under ground, but serve a prime function in supporting the entire structure. Visible failure, cracking or movement, is always preceded by processes inside the volume. Using appropriate (in-situ) sensing techniques they can be identified early on. Spreading and evolution can be tracked to allow early, low-cost intervention.

    When should I schedule my maintenance?

    Use a prediction-based approach

    Use continuous monitoring data as the backbone for scheduling inspections and maintenance jobs. Reduce site visits and use inspection data more efficiently.

    Can my wind farm's lifetime be extended?

    Decide from data

    Once nearing half of the foreseen operating lifetime one gets a very clear view on the farm’s operational aspects. At that moment, the re-powering vs. lifetime extension questions comes into scope. Regardless which of both options is chosen, the integrity-related data acquired will result in a clear view on the site-specific loads and state-of-health of the structures. The knowledge will thus serve as a hands-on tool for reducing the associated costs and risks.

    How to reduce my risk profile and insurance fee?

    Asset transparency

    Specific wind farm projects might suffer from a lengthy process to reach a financial close or carry high insurance fees due to large risks. Get a grip on these costs by using sensor data to objectively and continuously assess the structure's performance and state, focussing on the key risk items.

  • WindTurbineDoctor®

  • Features

    Modular Configurations

    Depending on technical properties of the structures in the farm the most appropriate WindTurbineDoctor® configuration is proposed. From a single component up to the complete turbine structure, the modular architecture provides flexibility in both installation and operation.

    Retrofit your existing wind turbines

    WindTurbineDoctor® can be installed on your existing assets and provides insight on deterioration phenomena which have been undetected so far. All required hardware is easy to install and can be operational within hours.

    WindTurbineDoctor®️ Dashboard

    Keep an overview on your portfolio's integrity from our browser-based WindTurbineDoctor™ dashboard. Combined with SCADA input, the integrity data is processed and analysed to provide valuable decision support. Through big data analysis & machine learning, advanced fatigue & operational modal analysis is performed and provides input for clear ROI and remaining lifetime visualisations.